Shiny Happy Syndrome

When you are an artist, and it doesn't matter what medium you work in, you sometimes get "Shiny Happy Syndrome."  

Never heard of it?  Well, what this basically means is that a multitude of great, shiny, new inspirations take over your brain all at once and make you giddy with excitement to start creating everything and anything with elements from all of them mixed together. These inspirations could be from anywhere - sketches you doodled during a TV show, a new technique you fall in love with, a new gemstone that makes you drool, a fashion style you see and think is cool, architecture that makes you stare in awe - you get what I mean.  And you want to incorporate all of it into your artwork all at once whether it goes with your aesthetic or not.  Then a few months down the line, you take a good hard look at these new designs and think "What was I thinking?"  Well, you weren't.  What your were doing was actually playing and testing ideas out, not creating pieces for a new or existing collection.  And now these pieces really have no home in your body of work and you feel stuck and don't know where to go from there.

Now there is nothing wrong with creating outside your comfort zone or even changing your style up a bit, but you do have to remain true to what you love, and generally these new designs that are the result of "Shiny Happy Syndrome" aren't always that.  But the cool thing is that they usually act as a prototype for new collections that are true to your aesthetic.  So, it's not all a bad thing.  

The reason I bring this up is because I've been doing a lot of sketching lately, and I'm noticing how way too many things keep inspiring me.  Yeah, I know what's coming - I'm on the edge of "Shiny Happy Syndrome."  And it's not that I really want to suppress it, but I have a lot on my plate right now for the upcoming holiday season and I need to be smart about this.  (That's the business person side of the artist taking over.) So, I sat myself down and figured out exactly what I love from this new "Shiny Happy Syndrome" and what really doesn't work, but would be cool to play around with when I have some time.  

The end result was that I really wanted to create a whimsical nature, and a bit of fairy tale inspired, charm collection.  The original "Charmed Collection" was the beginning of that, but unfortunately the first launch of that was a result of a brief visit with "Shiny Happy Syndrome."  This new collection will still be delicate, a little more bohemian, wear-with-everything, and be pieces that can be layered with each other, or with other pieces you already own.  And, some of the charms may be along the lines of "create your own," however I'm still figuring the latter out.

In addition, I have had this gnawing feeling for a while now to bring back some very old designs I created ages ago that I love dearly, and that my customers loved, but bring them back with a little twist.  These would be mainly for the Ever After Bridal Collection.  

And to compliment both of the these new designs, next year I may debut a new luxurious line with some new, elegant designs that focus on glittering faceted stones, and maybe a few diamonds thrown in, both rough and faceted, but all conflict free.  

So, stay tuned . . . my plan is to begin editing these ideas and start torching them soon!