How a Jewelry Collection Begins

It all started with post earrings and shiny, faceted stones, and the birth of a new jewelry collection was under way.  Yes, sometimes that is the way it all begins - one small design leads to another, and then another, and the next thing you know, a new collection is born.  This is how the "Charmed Luxe" collection came to be.

                  Mystic Topaz Luxe Post Earrings

                  Mystic Topaz Luxe Post Earrings

I've always loved small, delicate jewelry, and with this collection, I wanted to create tiny, delicate, yet intricate, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that would look great layered or paired with others, or just worn alone.  I wanted to create pieces that could have sentimental meaning, which is why quite a few are created with birthstones, and have a timeless look so the pieces could be handed down from generation to generation.     

                                                                                    Charmed Luxe Collection

This is only the beginning of this new jewelry collection.  Later this year, I hope to include some beautiful druzy quartz pendants to the collection, and early next year, I plan on adding some designs with raw, rough diamonds.  

So stay tuned!