Unique Wedding and Engagement Rings - as Unique as You

Who says that just because you are getting engaged you have to have a diamond?  

Well, that's how I feel.  Although I think diamonds are beautiful, they are not necessarily at the top of my all time "have-to-have" gem list.  And when it comes to a ring you plan on wearing forever, why shouldn't it be something you truly want and love?  

                                                                             Vintage Floral Wedding Ring Set

                                                                            Vintage Floral Wedding Ring Set

Last year I was approached numerous times to create unique engagement and wedding rings for clients - and almost none of them wanted diamonds.  They wanted something unique, with a stone and setting they loved, that was just perfect for them.  And it was an honor to create these rings for them!

So at the beginning of this year, I took the inspiration I received from the stories behind the designs they wanted, and the inspiration of timeless, antique jewelry, combined them together, and created a wedding and engagement ring line that I hope inspires brides to be themselves, wear what they love, and walk their own unique path down the aisle.

So answer that big life-changing question with a big "YES!" the way you want to - with a ring as unique as you are.