Happy Earth Day

Today is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day - a day to make us all more aware of the natural environment we live in, and how to protect and care for it.  Our planet, although large, is quite fragile, and the things we do every day effect it in both good, and many times bad, ways.

Here at Kryzia Kreations, we use mainly recycled metals and ethically sourced stones, and we are gradually using more and more recycled materials when it comes to other areas of our business including our packaging.

I know firsthand that without the beauty of nature to help inspire me, many of my jewelry designs would not exist.  And this is also true for many artists I know.   

So today, as you look around this beautiful planet of ours, let the beauty of nature around you inspire you to care for it better starting today and into the future.  Let's all try a little harder and keep our world beautiful.