Unique and Laid Back Weddings Require Similar Styles of Wedding Rings

Over the years, weddings, like everything else, have evolved with the times.  What was once considered the norm, with a "break the bank" affair that included over-the-top dresses and decor, the invitation of hundreds of guests, and journeys to incredible ceremony destinations, has become a bit more personal and laid back.  This is not to say that these breath-taking glamorous weddings don't still exist,  but today it seems that many modern brides and grooms are opting for a more personal wedding that is tailored to their own unique tastes and aesthetics.  It is not uncommon for a couple to have their wedding ceremony, and even their reception, in a more natural and relaxed atmosphere such as on the beach at sunset, in a beautiful garden or woodland area, or even in a plain open event space where they can create their own kind of ambiance.  And this means that everything from the attire, to the decor, to even the jewelry, becomes more unique and laid back as well. .

Over the years, I've made all types of jewelry for weddings, but over the past two years I have been asked almost continuously for both engagement and wedding rings to be fashioned from sterling silver.  Even many of the custom orders I have received for such rings are more often than not in sterling, although on occasion I do get a request for some in gold, or a mix of both metals.  This is partly what inspired most of the Ever After Bridal Rings collection, and what directly inspired the latest sterling silver wedding band additions to this collection.   I will be adding some 14kt gold bands early next year , but in the meantime, sterling silver seems to have become a new metal of choice.

Edwardian Floral Diamond and Renaissance Floral Wedding Bands

Edwardian Floral Diamond and Renaissance Floral Wedding Bands

Many millennials  seem to choose sterling silver as their metal of choice for a variety of reasons.  Some are more interested in spending their money paying off student debt and saving for a house of their own one day; two investments that far outweigh the financial investment of a ring.  And quite a few also have stated to me that sterling silver appeals to them for other reasons as well.  They like the way it wears and the patina that can form over time on the metal.  They also like the versatility in the finishes that it will take, from brightly polished silver, to oxidized black, to a soft satin texture..

There is no norm for weddings anymore.  And when it comes to wedding and engagement rings, the wildness of your imagination is the limit because a ring that is custom made, and that holds meaning or symbolism of the couple's relationship, seems to far outweigh the traditional solitaire engagement ring that is worth three month's of a man's salary.