Earth Day: Why We Should Care

As an ethical jeweler who uses recycled precious metals in my jewelry designs and who is largely inspired by nature, I have a deep appreciation for our connection to the environment and keeping our planet safe and healthy.  I strive to leave behind the smallest carbon footprint I can, and in this day of heavily debating climate change, I feel it is important for us to stand up and protect our planet, and keep it green not only for us but for the sake of future generations.

Over 180 countries celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd to help remind us that we need to take a good hard look at our impact on the environment and figure out how we can improve it not only on this one day, but every day of every year.  

We have already lost half of the world's tropical and temperate forests.  The Unites States alone fills landfills with tons of garbage every year, much of which could have been recycled and then reused.  Air pollution in some parts of the world is so bad that it not only effects people's health with respiratory diseases, but in some cases causes premature death.  The list goes on - these are only a few of the things that effect the environment around us.

So on this Earth Day, let's all begin to be a little kinder to our planet.  It is our home, the only one we have, and in return she will be good to us as long as we are good to her.  Remember, what we do to nature, we also do to ourselves.