Aquamarine: The Sailor's Gemstone

This watery colored March birthstone that comes in hues of blue, green and sometimes clear, is aptly named for the sea.  Its name comes from the Latin words aqua, meaning "water," and marina, meaning "of the sea," and it is considered the lucky charm of sailors.  

One myth surrounding the aquamarine says that it was presented to sailors hundreds of years ago by mermaids before a storm.  The mermaids supposedly took the aquamarines from hidden treasure chests found in the underwater lost city of Atlantis.  It is said that when a sailor has it on his person while at sea, the stone's magical powers ensure him a safe and prosperous journey.  

But the myths don't stop there.  Aquamarine is also said to enhance psychic powers and promote courage and peace.  There is also an old wives tale that says if you put this magical gemstone in a glass of water, the water will absorb the stone's magical healing properties that will produce a calming effect on the nerves and mind of the person who drinks it.   I don't know about you, but I sure could use that some days.

So whatever you believe of this magical gemstone, enjoy its unique myth and magic and beauty - and be sure to wear one if you happen to be going on a cruise.