Falling Autumn Leaves Are Here!

Nature never fails to inspire, especially when the seasons begin to change.  New colors and shapes emerge and begin to blossom right before your eyes, while others begin to fade but in the most graceful kind of way.

I believe that to be especially true with autumn.  Here is a time when the beautiful blooms and leafy foliage that began taking shape in the spring and fully blossomed during the summer months begin to gracefully fall away, exposing the bare beauty of the stems and branches that held them all together so perfectly.  And it's also a time when trees are given one more glorious moment as their leaves turn color and float gracefully down to the ground.

Autumn's graceful change of season is what inspired these new one-of-a-kind leaf necklaces.

Each sterling silver leaf necklace copies nature in that each is set with a one-of-a-kind hand-carved leaf-shaped gemstone, making no two necklaces exactly alike.  These leaf necklaces are part of the Story Stones collection, which contains all nature-inspired one-of-a-kind designs. 

I hope you enjoy watching nature this season as she begins her journey to a rejuvenating winter's sleep.  And if you would like to stay on top of what other pieces are being designed in the studio, as well as the inspiration behind them, be sure to sign up for the newsletter, or follow me on Instagram or Facebook