New Moon and Stars Jewelry Mini Collection

Celestial jewelry featuring moons and stars has been popular for ages. The beautiful galaxy above our heads glows and sparkles nightly, changing throughout the year as we move from season to season as our Earth orbits the Sun. This twinkling nightly vision, which I can look at for hours, is the inspiration behind my new limited edition celestial jewelry mini-collection featuring the moon and stars.

These new sterling silver jewelry designs feature slender crescent moons and small five-pointed stars, and the designs are set with gemstones that have a special significance to the powers of the moon.

I love the idea of using crescent moons particularly because they are not only symbolic of the feminine moon goddess and female empowerment, but they also represent change as the moon has multiple lunar phases. As the moon grows to becoming full, it is said to bring us positive energy to help motivate us to go after and achieve our dreams. As the moon wanes, it helps us to remove negative energy that hinders us from pursuing our goals. And when the moon is full, this is the time for our dreams to manifest themselves in our lives.

Stars are symbolic of giving us guidance and direction. If you know your star constellations, you can tell if you are facing north, east, south, or west by where they sit in the sky. A five-pointed star is considered to also represent the five elements of the universe: earth, air, water, fire, and spirit. The more you embody all five of these elements, the more in tune you are with nature.

The gemstones set in these new moon and star designs have meaning as well because these chosen stones are believed to amplify and direct the different energies that each moon cycle brings into your life.

During the new moon phase, the moon is not visible in the night sky, making this a perfect time to look within ourselves, take some time for self-reflection, and create some new intentions for your life. Your intuition is more alert and labradorite is a gemstone that is known for heightening intuition. This is why I set the one of a kind Lost in the Midnight Sky Necklace with a uniquely faceted labradorite stone. Hidden within its darkness are blue flashes of color which represent the flashes of intuition that come through during this time of a new moon.

The full moon glows brightly in the night sky, making those intentions you created during the new moon feel possible and ready to bloom. Wearing a moonstone, no matter what color it is, during a full moon helps you align with these positive qualities, and it always keeps you in tune with the moon’s feminine energy.

Blue chalcedony works with the full moon’s energies as well. It is receptive to the moon’s positive energy and helps bring strength, energy, and success in all new undertakings.

The waning moon is when the moon is in the process of losing its mystical glow. This is a time of releasing things that no longer work for you, and that are holding you back from bringing to light those intentions you created during the new moon. In my Triple Moon Goddess Ring, I purposely set it with aquamarine because this sea-foam colored gemstone helps those who wear it realize when things need to be released because they no longer serve a purpose. This helps you become more clear on what intentions you want to set for the next new moon.

White topaz is also connected to the moon. Known as a stone of truth, it helps remove negative energies that get us stuck from moving forward with our dreams and intentions, allowing us to be true to ourselves.

So the next time you look up at the night sky to admire the moon and stars, you might think differently and consider what phase the moon is in and how it is effecting you at that moment. My hope is that the celestial pieces in this new collection become a type of talisman for you, always reminding you that life must change if you are to move forward, and that change, although sometimes scary, generally brings good things.