On the Bench for the New Year - Rings and Other Fun Things

The beginning of the new year is generally a time for resolutions, and for artists it is no different except that we try to make resolutions to begin, and actually finish, some of the creative projects running circles through our heads.  Over the past couple of weeks, I took a little time away from the bench in order to reacquaint myself with some new design ideas I've been mulling over, new techniques I want to learn, and some inspirational pictures I have collected on Pinterest. This of course led me to sketching a variety of new designs that I can't wait to begin work on (and those sketches sure look a whole lot better thanks to a new jewelry illustration book I received for Christmas!) 

The first new set of designs will be for wedding and engagement rings.  This past year saw quite a few requests and commissions for these rings, and what was so fun about making them was that many of the engagement rings I was asked to create were non-traditional without the use of polished diamonds.   In the new collection, I'll be continuing that trend, but I will also include a few traditional styles as well.  

Another new element you will notice this year is the use of some raw/rough diamonds and gemstones.  I've already made a few designs in the past with this concept, and it is always a bit of a challenge to create settings for these stones, but the stones are too lovely in their organic state not to use.  

Also, keep your eyes peeled for some new design elements in the Tapestry Collection, where I'll be continuing to design textured and colored metals, as well as a new Fairy Tale Collection that I have been trying to put together. And just a sneak peek about this new collection, it will include designs based on my own fairy tales (yes, I made some up - should be no surprise there,) and some designs will be based on traditional fairy tales but with a bit of a twist.  

2015 is going to be a busy and creative year, so keep up-to-date by either continuing to read the blog, signing up for the newsletter, or joining me on either Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to see what I am currently playing with.  

Happy 2015!