New Roses Are Blooming in the Blossoms Collection

Roses are the official flower of the month of June, so, I figured why not add a few more rose blossoms to the Blossoms Collection to celebrate this month’s popular flower.

The new additions range from a simple little Rose Bud Necklace that can either be worn layered with other necklaces, or worn alone to make a subtle statement all by itself, to a simple curved Long Stem Rose Necklace that floats elegantly along a slim sterling silver rope chain.

Some full bloom roses have also been added as well with the new Rose Charm Necklace, and the new Rose Earrings that dangle effortlessly from the ears, and compliment many of the other rose jewelry designs.

And if you are looking for something that resembles tiny red rose buds just about to bloom on a leafy rose bush, there is the new Rose Leaf Necklace with Garnets, which just happens to go perfectly with the Rose Leaf Earrings with Garnets as seen with the new necklace below.

You can view all the rose jewelry here, and be sure to check out the entire Blossoms Collection to see the other flowers as well.

And since it is summer after all, and flowers are known to bloom in the summer months, don’t be surprised to see a few more floral designs added to the website. If you want to be one of the first to find out what they may be, join my Insider’s Club! They get all the behind the scenes, and up-and-coming jewelry design information first!