It's the Little Things - Like Little Rings

I work with my hands pretty much all the time.  And the last thing I need is a ring that I love to wear all the time getting in the way, or flipping around my finger.  So continuing in the tradition of my best-selling Luxe Crystal Cocktail Rings, I am now debuting Whisper Rings.

The new Whisper Rings are tiny little rings with just a whisper of color to accentuate your hand.  They are fashioned from hand-wrought sterling silver ring settings with a slim curved band that holds a 3mm round semi-precious gemstone in either amethyst, citrine, garnet, peridot or lapis in a secure serrated bezel setting.  

Perfect to wear alone, stacked together, or stacked with your favorite rings, they will become one of your favorite pieces of jewelry you will want to wear every day!