A Vintage Twist on the Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring

Heirloom and antique jewelry hold a special place in my heart.  It's probably due to my grandmother allowing me to play dress up with her vintage jewelry when I was just a child.  And the one thing I always remembered about her jewelry was how much detail each piece contained.  From tiny stones, to intricately-shaped metal, to decorative finishes, it never ceased to amaze me and kept me captivated for hours.

So, when I decided to create my new 14kt gold ring designs, this is where I took my inspiration from.  I wanted to design rings that gave a nod towards the detail of heirloom and antique jewelry, but still looked modern enough to be worn today.  I also wanted these new rings to be versatile enough to easily transition to being given as non-traditional, diamond-alternative engagement rings since I get asked to make these types rings all the time.

Both the Blue Sapphire Rustic Rose Cut 14kt Gold Engagement Ring and the Ruby Rustic Rose Cut 14kt Gold Engagement Ring are my vintage-meets-modern inspired twist on the traditional solitaire engagement ring.  The more modern twisted bands are set with rose cut gemstones, which were a very popular gemstone cut in heirloom and antique jewelry, set in vintage style hand-wrought 14kt gold beaded settings.

These new rings are delicate looking, yet make a statement, and their mix of modern day bands with vintage style cut gemstones and decorative bezels will make them a timeless addition to any jewelry collection.

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