"Will You Be My Stepdaughter?" A Promise Ring to Let Her Know You are Making a Commitment to Her Too

Over the years I have been asked to make many custom jewelry designs for weddings that include both wedding and engagement rings and bridal jewelry for the bride and the bridesmaids.  One day a few years ago, a loyal customer of mine told me that he was getting married and that his future bride had a young daughter.  He wanted to give the daughter a special piece of jewelry during the wedding ceremony that would let her know that he is not only making a promise of love and commitment to her mother, but also making the same promise as a stepfather to her as well.

After thinking about it, I suggested a small promise ring.  Since her mother was receiving a wedding ring as a symbol of his love and commitment, it might be nice to present the daughter with a ring as well and tell her that it was his way of symbolizing his promise to be a loving stepfather.  He loved the idea - and that was what we did.

A promise ring is also a great option to make the daughter of your significant other feel special and included when you pop the question.  Being asked the question, "Will you be my stepdaughter?" not only lets her know that you are not only proposing to start a new chapter of your life with her mother but also with her right beside the two of you on this new adventure.

Life is about love, and making memories, and letting the people you care about know that they are important to you.  And sometimes, weddings and engagements are the perfect times to do just that.

You can view more promise rings in the Ever After Bridal Rings collection, and custom design ideas are always welcome.