Nature-Inspired Winter Designs with Frozen Garland and Red Berries

Although the winter season can seem brutal, cold, and sometimes feel relentlessness, it can also be quite magical, peaceful, and reflective, allowing some of nature’s quieter, lesser-noticed traits shine through if you care to look close enough. It’s the tiny details you see in frost and evergreen leaves that spoke to me, and how you only have a chance to notice some of their beautiful, intricate details in the winter season.

Frost drapes nature in a magical layer of ice that makes foliage look almost other-worldly, making it seem suspended in time. That is what I tried to capture in the new Winter Garland Necklace. If you look closely, the leaves and flower in this necklace have been designed with a frosted texture and polished to a high shine so it reflects the light, with two London blue topaz stones representing the blue color you sometimes see in frost’s ice crystals.

Evergreen trees and shrubs can seem resilient as they bloom throughout all four seasons. Although many of them produce various types of berries throughout the year, their deep green leaves surrounding bright red berries stand out during the almost barren winter season because they are one of the few trees and bushes in bloom. It’s a sign of life in a time when mostly everything else is hibernating. The Berry Leaves Necklace and matching earrings try to capture that spirit set with bright Orissa garnets among detailed leaves that are cut to capture the light.

I hope that the the magic of the winter season inspires you as it does me. And to purchase or read more about these and other nature inspired designs, be sure to click on the images or links above, or check out the Into the Woods ~ Vines and Into the Woods -Leaves collections. You never know, you might just find the perfect gift for that special nature lover this holiday season.