Jewelry Craftsmanship

At Kryzia Kreations, all of the jewelry and metal designs are completely hand-fabricated by jewelry designer and artisan, Christina Paluszek-McClure, using both traditional, and sometimes non-traditional, metalsmith techniques.  Being a self-taught jeweler, she is always open to learning, exploring and perfecting new ideas and skills.  

The design process generally begins with sketched out ideas, lists of gemstones, pearls or other components to be used, and ideas for any metal textures or details.  From here, she begins to manipulate eco-friendly, recycled precious sheet metal and wire into various shapes, and then begins adding the intricate details of texture, hand-woven wire, granulation, hand-engraving, patinas and color, semi-precious gemstones or found objects. 


Stones, whether they be precious or semi-precious gemstones, or just pebbles or shell washed up on the beach, play a big part in many of the jewelry designs. Some stones, such as agates and jaspers, can tell a story all on their own, while others, such as sapphires, garnets, and even diamonds, are used to add just that perfect bit of color or sparkle to a delicate design.  All the gemstones used are ethically sourced, and all diamonds used are certified by the Kimberley Process.