The Designer and Inspiration

Jewelry should be something you want to wear, not have to wear. 

It should be a little bit romance, a little bit whimsical, and a little bit magic.

It should be a timeless treasure that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and sentimental.

It should be inspired by the things you love, cherish, and dream about, and sometimes it can transport you to a different place.
— Christina Paluszek-McClure

Your jewelry should help tell your own unique story and be an extension of your personal style. It should make a statement, but at the same time not overwhelm you. It should be a reflection of you that makes you smile every time you wear it, look at it or touch it.

The passion and inspiration for my jewelry designs come from the simple beauty of nature mixed with the timeless details and look of antique jewelry. In my childhood, I used to play with my grandmother’s box of antique jewelry, and I found the pieces fascinating because they were so ornate and detailed. When I would wear them, I thought that they held magic because they made me feel special and very grown up. My grandmother also had a botanical oasis in her Brooklyn, NY backyard that was home to a giant peach tree, and varieties of beautiful roses, flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  I would spend hours out there making up stories about the garden and the mysteries I believed each plant held, and I also learned a lot about gardening and taking care of the earth. 

Each of my handcrafted jewelry designs combines the timeless romantic style of antique jewelry with the whimsical elements of nature. By incorporating multiple textures, intriguing gemstones, and intricately detailed metalwork, I aim to entice the wearer to really investigate each piece, and discover its texture, personality, beauty and unique story. All of these elements unite an old-world feeling with a feminine whimsical mystique. 

My hope is that whoever wears my jewelry feels the same magic and inspiration that I did as a child wearing my grandmother’s antique jewelry. I hope it makes you feel special and unique because you are not just another face in the crowd. You are you, and you should celebrate it! 

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