The Designer and the Inspiration
Behind the Jewelry


Jewelry should be something you want to wear, not have to wear. 

It should be a little bit romance, a little bit whimsical, and a little bit magic.

It should be a timeless treasure that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and sentimental.

It should be inspired by the things you love, cherish, and dream about, and sometimes it can transport you to a different place.


In keeping with this idea, the jewelry of Kryzia Kreations is a combination of the timeless romantic style found in antique jewelry, mixed with the whimsical elements of nature, myth and fantasy.  Each handcrafted design incorporates multiple textures, intriguing gemstones, and intricately detailed metalwork that entices you to really investigate each piece, and discover its texture, personality, beauty and unique story.  All of these elements unite an old-world feeling with a feminine whimsical mystique. 

All of the jewelry designs are personally handcrafted by jewelry designer and artist, Christina Paluszek-McClure, as either limited edition or one-of-a-kind designs. She believes jewelry should be an extension of yourself and your own unique style.  It should make a statement, but at the same time not overwhelm you.  This is why many of her designs are on the smaller scale, but yet they are detailed enough to be noticed. Jewelry should also be personal, which is why she created her secret message lockets and wedding and engagement ring collection - both of which she is constantly called upon to create custom designs.  


As a self-taught jeweler, Christina fell in love with metalsmithing because it intrigued her that you could take something so cold and hard as metal, and form it into something so delicate, wearable and beautiful as jewelry.  All her designs are hand-wrought from recycled precious metals, with very little or no casting involved, and embellished with ethically sourced gemstones, and diamonds certified by the Kimberley Process.

Since launching her first jewelry collections in 1999, Christina and her designs have been organically evolving in both craftsmanship and design.  She has been the recipient of several awards at various fine art festivals, and her work is currently sold in select galleries, on her website, and at select high caliber art exhibitions.