Caring for your Jewelry

Please care for your Kryzia Kreations jewelry by removing it after daily wear and store it safely and separately from other jewelry.  Sterling silver, copper and brass will naturally tarnish and develop a patina over time with exposure to oxygen and humidity.  These patinas can actually make your jewelry look quite beautiful.  Gold can develop a tarnish as well, especially if it comes in contact with chlorine.  I would keep all jewelry away from chlorine (such as wearing them in a pool, or cleaning with bleach) because not only can it darken the metal, but after time pit it and ruin its luster, and damage any gemstones or pearls that have been set into the piece.  Keeping your jewelry clean, dry and stored in an airtight bag or container after wear helps as well.  Wearing your pieces often will also keep them shiny, as they tend to polish on clothing and skin contact.  

I often oxidize my silver before I complete the piece, creating a contrast between the darkened (oxidized) surface and highly polished areas.  I let the recessed parts of the design carry the darkened color and let the raised parts shine.  Darkened, (oxidized) silver is also affected by wear, moisture and oils in the skin and can fade over time. Take extra care to keep these pieces dry to extend their finishes.  Please avoid using liquid cleaner on your jewelry because not only will it remove some or all of the oxidation effect, but it may also damage any gemstones or pearls set into the design.  

The safest way to clean your jewelry to its original luster is by using a treated polishing cloth, and keeping them in a zip lock bag, especially if you live in an area with high humidity.

If your jewelry needs a major cleaning , I find that using plain white toothpaste works well.  Take an old soft toothbrush and some white toothpaste and gently rub the paste over the jewelry.  The tarnish will slowly lift off the piece and restore its luster.