Magic and Lore of Gemstones and Metals

From the earliest known times through present day, the earth's stones and metals have held a combination of beauty, mystery and magic.  They are believed to contain a power that will cause change, obtain protection, or increase our own individual energies to attain the things we desire.  Here is a list of commonly used gemstones and metals found in jewelry and what they are known for.

Amazonite attracts success, especially in financial matters. Gamblers wear the stone or keep it in their pocket to ensure winning hands.

Aventurine is an all-around good luck stone that attracts money, peace, and happiness. Due to its money-attracting power, gamblers carry it to increase their winnings. 

Agate protects and guards against sorcery and evil. Warriors wore agate when engaging in battle to protect them from serious injury and promote courage, strength and bravery. 

Alexandrite is a rare and expensive gemstone that is said to bring good luck and love.

Amber is not a stone, but the fossilized resin of cone-bearing trees that lived millions of years ago, that sometimes contain plants and insects. Used primarily as an amulet in magic, it is thought to bring luck, strength, protection and love.

Amethyst attracts peace, happiness and love. It also banishes bad dreams if placed under your pillow before you go to sleep. In ancient times, an amethyst set in silver was given to a woman by her lover to ensure their love for eternity.

Aquamarine is said to enhance psychic powers and promote courage and peace.

Azurite has long been used in magic to increase psychic powers. Place the stone beneath your pillow to dream prophetic dreams.

Bloodstone is a popular stone with athletes because it is said to promote courage, increase physical strength and bring victory.

Blue Lace Agate promotes happiness and peace. It is helpful to gaze at it in stressful situations and keep it visible on your workstation.

Brass is a very powerful metal that is said to attract money and prosperity. It was also worn to defend one against dark magic and direct the negative energy back to the sender.

Carnelian promotes peace, harmony and courage, and counteracts negative thoughts or spells. During Renaissance times, a carnelian, engraved with a symbol of a sword or warrior, and placed in the home would guard against lightning and storms, or worn as an amulet , would protect the wearer against enchantment spells.

Chalcedony is known as the "anti-nightmare" stone. Worn to bed, it drives away nightmares and the fear of the the dark. It is also used in calming depression and sadness.

Chrysocolla is a stone of peace and soothes the emotions. It is said that in olden times, it was used in spells to attract love.

Chrysoprase, with its pretty apple green color, is a happy stone. It lifts the emotions and promotes happiness, luck and friendship.

Citrine promotes psychic awareness and banishes nightmares.

Clear Quartz Crystal promotes psychic visions and helps heal physical ailments. One of the most powerful stones, it is called the Witch's Mirror because it is believed you can view the future by gazing into a piece of crystal, hence the mystical crystal ball sometimes used in fortune-telling. American Indians believe it to be so powerful that they embed a piece of it on the top of their ceremonial wands. 

Coral, although not a stone, promotes protection and healing. It is often used in magical spells to ease many illnesses of the body and cure nervousness and depression.

Copper is a very powerful metal that directs energy, both electrical and physical and acts as an aide in the body's healing process. 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend - and not because it is a love stone. It is worn to ensure fidelity and promote self-confidence in relations with the opposite sex.

Emerald is a stone that works with your mental powers on both the conscious and subconscious level. You can charge it with your magical need through visualization. It is most helpful when trying to bring love into your life, or promote sales in business.

Fluorite is a “helping” stone that clears jumbled thoughts to gain a better perspective, and strengthens the powers of other stones it is worn with.

Fossil Stones are carved from the surrounding stones of million year old fossils. They protect the wearer from harm and increase the longevity of life because, since it once contained a living thing, its energy amplifies the wearer's energy. 

Garnet encourages abundant love and protects the wearer from harm. In the past, garnets were exchanged by parting friends to ensure that they would remain safe and meet again. 

Gold is the most magically potent of all metals. It increases personal power and promotes successes and wealth. 

Hematite is a grounding stone that produces a calming effect on the body and helps balance tension, worry and stress.

Howlite is a marble-looking stone that absorbs stress and tension and fosters creativity.

Iolite steers you in the right direction when traveling. Centuries ago, Vikings used iolite as a type of compass because it indicated the direction of the Sun on overcast days. 

Jade is an ancient love-attracting stone. Many years ago in China, jade was given as an engagement gift from a man to a woman before their wedding.

Jasper protects and brings good fortune that restrains dangerous desires and whims that could lead to hazardous situations. 

Jet is also known as "witch's amber" because many who practice Wicca wear it. It is a protection stone that also promotes luck, health and divination.

Kunzite is a stone that induces relaxation, relieves stress and brings inner peace. 

Kyanite is said to exhibit a certain "light" that attracts angels an spirit guides. It is used mainly in healing and promoting psychic powers. 

Lapis Lazuli promotes love, protection and courage. Although it is generally associated with kings and queens because it was used to adorn many pieces of royal jewelry, it is also considered a spiritual stone that radiates peace. 

Malachite promotes peace, love, protection and success in business ventures. Many legends say the stone detects impending danger and will break into pieces to warn its wearer of a dangerous time ahead.

Moonstone is a love-drawing stone that also promotes psychic powers. It is most effective when worn during the waxing Moon. You can promote psychic dreams when you sleep by placing a moonstone under your pillow. 

Moss Agate is called the gardener's amulet due to its green markings that resemble moss or trees. It increases energy for healing purposes and can be worn to discover hidden treasures.

Mother of Pearl protects and brings wealth. An ancient money spell is to wrap a silver coin and mother of pearl in a dollar bill and anoint it with seawater.

Obsidian is a grounding stone that brings both protection and peace. It is often used to sort out jumbled thoughts and calm the subconscious mind.

Onyx protects the wearer from any negative spiritual or physical attacks. At one time, onyx was thought to imprison demons that would come out at night and encourage nightmares. 

Opals, to many, is are stones of misfortune and sorrow. However, it is also believed to be a stone that brings out one's inner beauty, and develop psychic powers. 

Pearls symbolize the moon and water, the very centers of creation and the Universe. They either bring good or bad luck, depending upon what you believe. Those who believe they are good luck say they attract love, money and protection. Those who believe they are bad luck, say the wearer or owner of the pearl will have a heavy debt to pay in life because the pearl is taken from a living oyster which must be killed in order to remove its precious treasure. 

Peridot is used in healing ailments and bringing monetary wealth. It is most effective when set in gold and used as an amulet. 

Rhodocrosite is a beautiful pink stone that promotes, peace, love and luck.

Rose Quartz attracts love and friendship and also promotes peace, happiness and fidelity in established relationships.

Ruby will guard you against negativity in any form. It wards off nightmares, protects against wicked spirits and foes, and banishes sadness and negative thought patterns.

Sapphire is a guardian of love that promotes fidelity and attunes the feelings between lovers. It is also known to heal the body and promote psychic awareness.

Serpentine is a camper's stone. It is known for its protective qualities against poisonous creatures such as snakes and spiders, as well troublesome reptiles and insects.

Silver is called the Moon's metal. It helps in attracting love, aids in strengthening psychic powers and protects the wearer against evil.

Sodalite is a meditative stone that heals emotional related diseases, nervousness and stress.

Staurolite, also know as a Fairy Cross or Cross Stone, is generally considered a protection stone against negativity, disease and accidents.

Sugilite is an expensive, dense purplish stone that is used for healing, spirituality and to increase psychic ability.

Sunstone is a sparkling, reflective stone, that promotes protection and is also known to lend the wearer extra physical energy.

Tiger Eye promotes wealth and good luck, as well as protects. Roman soldiers would wear tiger's eye engraved with special symbols for protection during battles.

Topaz is a stone that attracts love and personal power. It also keeps nightmares at bay when placed under a pillow at night. Many years ago, it was believed that if you wore topaz it had the power to make you invisible.

Tourmaline has as many attributes as colors. The most common being pink, green and black, attract love and friendship, monetary success, and protection against negative energy, respectfully.

Turquoise attracts good fortune and is a sacred stone to many American Indian tribes. It protects against all evils and dangers, and is a valuable amulet for a traveler to wear. If it is given as a gift, it bestows wealth and happiness upon the receiver.

Unakite heals the soul and helps transform one’s higher self.


* Most of the information listed above is taken from Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic.