Baby Fae Necklace

Baby Fae Necklace


A baby fairy may be small, but she has lots of energy and wants to do all the things big fairies do,, especially when it comes to mischief. So, even though she has been told to stay hidden for fear she may be seen by some creature that could cause her harm, she refuses to listen. Instead, she peaks out of her leafy covering to see just enough of the outside world and quench her curiosity and all the while making plans for her own adventures to come.


This precious little one-of-a-kind baby fairy necklace is fashioned from hand-wrought sterling silver, and set with a small abalone cabochon. The little leaf caps have been oxidized to show their fine detail, and the tiny face has been formed from porcelain clay and then painted and glazed. 

The baby fairy is approximately .75 inches ( in length and is suspended from a simple 18 inch (45.72 cm) sterling silver chain. 

This one-of-a-kind necklace is shipped in approximately 1-2 days, in a white cotton-filled box.

A small story card, printed with the story written above, will be enclosed in the box with the necklace.

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