Flower Child Faerie Necklace

Flower Child Faerie Necklace


Flower child faeries are born in flowers that are pollinated by butterflies.  These wee ones can only be seen if you look closely within the petals, because they like to bask in the summer sun without being disturbed.  So, if you have a butterfly garden in your backyard, look closely, and if you are very still and quite, they may open their eyes and wink at you because they know you respect their secret.

This one of a kind sweet little flower child faerie necklace is hand-wrought from sterling silver where a circle of leaves surrounds her mischievous face that sits right in the middle of the flower.  Her face is handcrafted from porcelain clay that is then painted and glazed to protect it from wear, and set in a simple bezel setting.  Leaves are oxidized to show detail.

This little flower faerie pendant suspends from a simple 18-inch decorative oxidized sterling silver chain.  

A perfectly whimsical nature necklace for a lover of gardens and flowers.

The necklace comes with a small story card enclosed in its jewel box printed with the story above.

  • Eco-friendly recycled sterling silver
  • Pendant:  Approximately 1.5 inches in height and 1 inch in width
  • Face:  Porcelain clay, painted and glazed
  • Necklace length:  18 inches
  • Only one available.  Necklace is a one of a kind design handcrafted in my Florida studio.
  • Shipping:  Approximately 1-2 days

  • Packaging:  Velvet lined jewel box.
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