Mystic Holly Leaves Necklace

Mystic Holly Leaves Necklace


This moonstone and holly leaves necklace looks like it should be worn by a mythical snow queen in a frozen forest.

This nature inspired leaf and vine necklace is fashioned from two real holly leaves fossilized in solid sterling silver and hand-wrought curling vines set with a glowing rainbow moonstone.  

Leaf and vine pendant is suspended from a simple 18 inch sterling silver cable chain by two freshwater pearls. 

  • Eco-friendly recycled sterling silver
  • Leaf and Vine Pendant:  Approximately 2 inches in height by 1 inch in width.
  • Gemstone/Pearls:  6x8mm oval natural rainbow moonstone, and 5mm natural white freshwater potato pearls
  • Necklace length:  18 inches
  • Chain:   sterling silver cable chain
  • Only one available.  Necklace is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted design.
  • To learn more about the unique process used to create the leaves in this design, please see below.

  • Shipping:  Approximately 1-2 days

  • Packaging:  Velvet lined jewel box.
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The Process of Making Real Leaves and Twigs Into Jewelry
Many years ago, I figured out a way to melt down my scrap silver and "fossilize" real twigs and leaves.  They are coated with multiple layers of molten sterling silver, where each layer is allowed to cool and harden until enough layers have built up making the piece durable.  The pieces are then placed in a kiln and heated evenly so the layers of silver fuse together, burning away the leaf or twig entirely but leaving their organic image and texture behind.   No two are ever exactly alike, but each design captures the elegance and beauty of nature.