Owl and Moon Treetops Pendant Necklace

Owl and Moon Treetops Pendant Necklace


High up in the treetops, a tiny owl sits and waits for his friend the moon to come gliding by in the deep quiet of the night.  Only then does he sing a song of welcome, and once she passes, he becomes quiet again. 

This moon and owl pendant necklace is hand-wrought from sterling silver with slightly oxidized hand-engraved leaves and set with a small owl and a glowing blue chalcedony moon. 

Owl and moon pendant necklace suspends from a simple 18-inch sterling silver cable chain.  

  • Eco-friendly recycled sterling silver
  • Pendant:  Approximately .75 inches in diameter
  • Gemstone:  round 4mm natural blue chalcedony
  • Necklace length:  18 inches
  • Only one available.  Necklace is the last of a limited edition design handcrafted in my Florida studio.  
  • Shipping:  Approximately 1-2 days
  • Packaging:  Velvet lined jewel box.
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