Sky Lovers - Sun and Moon Necklace

Sky Lovers - Sun and Moon Necklace


This one-of-a-kind sun and moon necklace is hand-wrought from sterling silver with a circular branch setting that has been textured and oxidized to resemble tree bark, and set with a stone clay sun and moon face that is glazed to protect it from wear.  Two small oak leaves and a 4mm faceted iolite stone complete the pendant setting which is attached to an 18 inch diamond shaped sterling silver chain dotted with white freshwater potato pearls.  

Their Story:
"At the two precise moments of dusk and dawn, the daytime sun and the nighttime moon meet each other across the sky for a sweet brief moment and get to bask in each other's beautiful glow and company before they must part ways, each on their way to opposite sides of the world." 

  • Eco-friendly recycled sterling silver
  • Pendant:  Approximately 1.75 inches in height and 1.25 inch in width at its widest point
  • Face:  Stone clay, glazed
  • Gemstone/Pearls:  4mm facted natural iolite, 6mm natural white freshwater potato pearls
  • Necklace length:  18 inches
  • Chain:   diamond shaped sterling silver chain, textured and oxidized
  • Only one available.  Necklace is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted design.
  • Shipping:  Approximately 1-2 days
  • Packaging:  Velvet lined jewel box.
  • A small card printed with the story above will be enclosed with the necklace.
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