Woodland Sprite Spirit Necklace

Woodland Sprite Spirit Necklace


This one-of-a-kind mythical woodland spirit necklace is my version of a woodland sprite who hides in the forest foliage, and watches the world around him. 

The pendant is handcrafted through a process where I cast real leaves in sterling silver to get its organic design and texture. It is then adorned with hand-wrought fern leaves that sit atop the woodland sprite's peering eyes, that I have handcrafted from porcelain clay and glazed to protect them from wear. A beautiful 4mm opal is set in the corner of this organic design and two amethyst stones attach it to an oxidized 18 inch diamond shaped sterling silver chain. 

His Story:
"Sprites hide among the foliage, observe all you do and all around them, and do not intrude, help, or hinder.  They just watch and remember what they see, hoping that one day, they can share their memories with someone who believes in them, who sees them, and is willing to listen."

  • Eco-friendly recycled sterling silver
  • Pendant:  Approximately 1.5 inches in width and 1 inch in height
  • Face:  Porcelain clay, glazed
  • Gemstones:  4mm natural Australian opal, 4mm round natural amethyst stones
  • Necklace length:  18 inches
  • Chain:   oxidized diamond shaped sterling silver chain
  • Only one available.  Necklace is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted design.
  • Shipping:  Approximately 1-2 days

  • Packaging:  Velvet lined jewel box.
  • A small card printed with the story above will be enclosed with the necklace.
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